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Orthodontist Near Me
Orthodontist Near Me

The Single Visit Dentistry Difference

We provide a unique mix of services that are performed in a single visit rather than the multiple visits previously required.

The use of modern computer driven technology that is available to the dental profession today has made this type of service possible. This technology has increased our ability to diagnose and treat dental issues with less invasive and more conservative methods. Procedures are completed quickly, efficiently, and more effectively.

Our culture has changed dramatically in the last thirty years and the culture and equipment within the dental office have also been changed with the acceptance and integration of computer technology. This integration has enhanced our diagnostic and treatment procedures.

Patient Testimonials

Reasons To Smile

Orthodontist Pompano Beach
I have been seeing Dr. Delz for my dentistry needs for over 14 years now. He and his office staff are awesome and very caring. They treat me like a member of the family. I would definitely and highly recommend them for any and all dental needs. They have the top of the line and most up to date dental equipment. THEY ARE THE BEST!!!

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Orthodontist Pompano Beach
Been going to Dr Delz for dental work for years and have always had a good experience. Everyone has a great attitude and have been there for many years. They also have State of the Art Digital Equipment. Once I had 2 root canals where Dr Delz saved one tooth and made a crown for the other right in his office. The whole job was done in 2 hours on the same day. Thank you.


Orthodontist Pompano Beach
TESTIMONIALKristen B.Patient
I love my cleanings! They are relaxing and pain free. Furthermore, I love the single day processes like crowns and more! Dr. Delz truly knows teeth! It is a very personable, professional and quality practice. I thank them for their great service!

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SpecialtyDental Services

At Dr.Delz’s Single Visit Dentistry, our priority is to deliver quality care to informed patients in a comfortable and convenient setting.

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