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ALF-Advanced Lightwire Functional Orthodontics


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Authored by Dr.Delz and published

in the International Association for Orthodontics Joural


Delz - Summer09 rthoJournal.pdf



Dr. Delz has been providing his adult patients and selected teenagers with orthodontic treatment for many years. His services may be just routine tooth movement all the way up to the the retreatment of adults who have had previous orthodontic treatment and are now experiencing isisuses that require re treatment.

He has found that most treatment was just tooth movement with no attention being paid to the orthopedic relationships of the bones of the skull. When the asymmetry's of the skull were not corrected in the initial treatment , other issues occurred when these individuals reached adulthood. In many cases, it was thought that the bones of the skull were not movable. Dr.Delz has been found that these bones can be reoriented to achieve a healthier arrangement.

Dr Delz utilizes an alternative lightwire functional appliance named an " ALF" to

enhance this bony movement. The ALF was developed by Dr.Darick A. Nordstrom that Dr. Delz has studied with. Dr Delz has also studied with the other early users of this appliance; Dr Gerald Smith in Pennsylvania and and Dr's' Gavin James and Dr. Dennis Strokon in Canada.


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