Common Signs of Gum Disease and the Best Solution For It

Gum Disease

Chances are that if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while that you may become a victim to gum disease, among other tooth-related conditions. Gum disease is not always obvious at first; however, after some time you may begin to see some signs that something is wrong. It’s important that as soon as you notice anything wrong or uncomfortable with your teeth or gums that you see a professional. Dental problems tend to get worse the longer they go untreated. This could prove to be detrimental over time as you probably will not develop any major signs until your gums have negatively progressed past a minor problem. This is just one of the man reasons it is recommended you visit your dental hygienist regularly. Not only can it prevent any problems from occurring, but it can also solve any problems before they get severe. Here at Single Visit Dentistry, we are here for you. Whether you suspect a gum problem or want to just proactively get checked, we can assist you.

Bleeding While Brushing or Flossing

One of the more common signs of gum disease in all of its stages is bleeding while brushing or flossing. Because of the disease, the gums are going to be more sensitive thus causing them to bleed when irritated. If you have noticed blood in the sink after brushing then it may be time to have a professional check it out. This is one of the earliest signs people tend to see gum disease. At this point in gum disease, you are at the infection stage, a very mild stage. This is the point where you are going to want to stop it in its tracks. It is imperative to see a professional to get treated before it progressives.

Shifting Teeth

If you have noticed that your smile looks different than usual then you may have gum disease. While teeth shift for their reasons, especially those who have had braces, it rarely happens without a known cause. For example, if you had braces and haven’t been wearing your retainer then chances are that your teeth will shift slightly. However, if you know of no known causes and notice the shift randomly, then chances are that it is gum disease. This occurs in those with gum disease as the disease causes the bone that holds your teeth in place to weaken, causing the teeth to shift or loosen. The shifting isn’t even the worst-case scenario either. Over time, those with gum disease may notice that teeth will begin to fall out. This stems directly from the gum disease weakening the bone.

Red, Swollen Gums

Earlier on in the stages of gum disease, you may notice redness and swelling in the gum area. This sign is usually brushed off as irritation;  however, if the problem persists it’s probably a mild case of gum disease. If your teeth look smaller and your gums look larger you should have a professional at Single Visit Dentistry check it out. This is an easily fixable issue with the proper treatment and will work to stop the gum disease in its tracks.

The Solution

Depending on how severely affected your gums have been from the disease will decide what course of treatment is best for you. First things first, you are going to want to schedule an appointment with our dentists at Single Visit Dentistry. At the appointment, we will examine your gums and see how far along they are. From there we will recommend either a deep cleaning, medication, surgery, or a combination of the 3. The sooner you come in the easier and less expensive the treatment will be. Timing is key with gum disease.

If you think you have any of the above signs of gum disease then it may be time to see a professional. Worst case scenario you have gum disease and get it treated, best case scenario you were wrong. Either way, it’s always a good idea to stay on top of your dental health, especially when it comes to gum disease. To learn more about our services here at Single Visit Dentistry or to book an appointment, give us a call today at (954) 782-9111!

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