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Cranial Facial Orthopedics

What is Cranial-Facial-Orthopedics?

It is the correction of body issues that we have had since our birth that we have adapted to over our lives and have accepted as unchangeable.  As we age, we become less able to adapt and will start to have other body issues ie. aging pains. It is difficult to look back and find these issues that We were unaware of.

So, when and where did they start and why?

Our passage thru the birth canal is our first traumatic event.  If we were bottle feed, the two most important growth functions to sustain our life were compromised.  These two functions are :

Breathing & Swallowing.

These two functions and our genetics will create our head form and influence our body form and function that we will be with us our entire life.

AT Face First Ortho, we evaluate the body, jaws, and teeth for asymmetries and utilize the ALF (Advance Lightwire  Functional) appliance to correct out of balance and  dysfunctional t jaw relationships. When the jaws are in balance,  the body will come into balance.



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