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What All Can an Orthodontist in Lighthouse Point Do for You? 

Many people get dentists and orthodontists in confused, and for good reason. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you the difference! While both professionals specialize in oral healthcare, there are vastly different roles performed between the two. First, a dentist is generally someone who treats conditions found within the mouth, including the gums, teeth, and tongue. An orthodontist, on the other hand, is someone who can specialize in all of those same elements, but they’ve also had additional treatment to deal with jaws, teeth mishaps, and more. If you’re interested in what an orthodontist can do for you, keep reading! 

What Does an Orthodontist in Lighthouse Point Do? 

First and foremost, let us begin by taking a birds-eye approach into the career of a traditional orthodontist. They are, in essence, doctors of oral healthcare. They are dentists, yes, but they specialize in more ways than one. Their biggest job is to ensure that your mouth is well-aligned, whether that be from the perspective of the jaw or your teeth. Some of the most important things an orthodontist will do are align jaws and teeth, create treatment plans, perform surgery, and install important devices that are designed to help realign or heal. 

How Do You Know When You Should See an Orthodontist? 

Many people are often confused as to when they should start to see an orthodontist. It’s very important that young people, around the age of seven, start to see a medical professional specializing in teeth and adjustments. The reason being is that they’re able to advise as to whether or not the child will need braces or headwear to straighten out their teeth or align jaws. It’s recommended that should any of these things need to be done, that they occur during childhood. Not only is it easier to have braces and headwear earlier, but it also gets the alignment process out of the way. 

Over the years, patients young and old should continue to see their oral healthcare advisor time and time again. Over the years, it’s normal for teeth, gums, and jawlines to shift, change, and morph. This means that seeing an oral healthcare expert while young is not enough. Check-in yearly to ensure that everything is clean and aligned. Some of the most common reasons why you’d schedule an appointment with your orthodontist are to straighten crooked teeth, reduce gaps, realign jaws, overbites, and pain while yawning or chewing. 

If you’re someone who suffers from TMJ or temporomandibular joint pain, then you may want to talk to an oral health expert. This happens when the joint that connects to your jawbone slides in misaligned ways to the rest of your jaw. The reason for TMJ can be caused by genetic factors, arthritis, injury, tension, and more. There are many self-manageable options, though surgery is an option should the pain be severe enough. Some common indicators of TMJ are pain around the jaw, aching pain around the ear, pain while chewing, facial pain, and more. 

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