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Facial Beauty & Balance

Dr. Darick Nordstom

We Change Head Form!

We Realign Jaws!

We Correct Jaw Shape

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What is Cranial-Facial-Orthopedics??????

It is the correction of body issues that we have had since our birth that we have adapted to over our lives and have accepted as unchangeable.  As we age, we become less able to adapt and will start to have other body issues ie. aging pains. It is difficult to look back and find these issues that we were unaware of.

So, when and where did they start and why??? 

Our passage thru the birth canal is our first traumatic event.  If we were bottle feed, the two most important growth functions to sustain our life were compromised.  These two functions are :


        Breathing & Swallowing.


These two functions and our genetics will create our head Theyform and influence our body form and function. They  will be with us our entire life.

AT Face First Ortho, we evaluate the body, jaws, and teeth for asymmetries and utilize the ALF(Advance Lightwire  Functional) appliance to correct out of balance and  dysfunctional jaw relationships. When the jaws are in balance, the body will come into balance.


Who would benefit with ALF Therapy?

As the only dental office in Florida that provides ALF therapy, we have patients that come from all over Florida and from out of state.  People have various health issues that they do not understand and are searching for solutions.

Some of the issues that people present with are Headaches, Jaw Pain, Neck Pain, Front or Back Head Pain, Previous Dental or Orthodontic Treatment, Jaw Pain after Teeth extractions, Birth issues, Mouth Breathers, Bottle Feeding History, Lisping, Snorers, Sleep Apnea And unexplained Body Issues.

Our Experience with the ALF appliance.

We have been utilizing ALF appliances for thirty years with and without brackets with successful results.  We are currently using ALF’s for orthopedics and clear aligners if needed.

Who developed the ALF appliance?

The ALF was developed by DR. Darick Nordstrom when he was working with Osteopaths.  He has been teaching the use of this appliance both Nationally and Internationally.

Our Face First  ALF Therapy!!!!

The Use of the ALF appliance is as much of a Philosophy of treatment as it is a treatment device.  It is a non –force appliance that I used for years with great success, but I did not really know how it worked.  It was only thru my practice of the martial art of AIKIDO that I got the “AH Ha” of how the appliance worked.

In the practice of AIKIDO we accept the force of an attack and redirect it against the attacker. The ALF appliance applies a light force against the dental arches that are being treated by redirecting the force of the teeth coming together when we chew and/or swallow.  We swallow 10 to 14 times a minute or 5,000,000 times a year.

Well, there it is, I have let the Secret out!!!!

My SKILL is the same as in my Aikido practice. I know how to apply the technique to the ALF appliance to get the results for the patient that I am treating.

What is Cranial-Facial-Orthopedics?

The human body conforms to the GOLDEN PROPORTIONS principle that controls our universe and everything we visualize. Our eye will detect changes in form before we can comprehend it intellectually. View the perfect facial form at BEAUTY ANALYSIS.COM.

We are the only dental office in Florida that addresses skull assymmetries and related body issues that many adults suffer with. These individuals will always relate a long history of feeling disconnected to an imperfect body and many visits to many doctors and therapists seeking answers to the array of symptoms that they experience every day.

Our office has provided orthodontic care for our patients for many years. Our experience in treating adult orthodontic patients has taught us that tooth realignment must be coordinated with orthopedic realignment of the tooth supporting dental arches to create a balanced and beautiful facial form. Dr Josh Jefferson, a fellow Senior Instuctor ot the International Association for Orthodontics, has studied, treated, written afticles on this topic also. FACIALl BEAUTY.COM.

Having assessed the histories of the many orthodontic patients we have treated, certain conclusions are evident.

Birth Trauma,

Bottle Feeding

Sleep Habits

 Breathing Problems

affect growth and development. These factors can result in asymmetries of the head, dental arches, crowded teeth and unexpected body issues that can have a debilitating effect on an individual. Dr Brenden Stack, a master instructor, has recorded before and after videos of his patients who suffer with such conditions BODY ISSUES (Watch These videos).

For many years we have utilized a hidden and unobtrusive "light wire functional appliance" named "ALF" (Alternative Lightwire Functional) appliance that was developed by Dr. Darick Nordstrom.

Over time the ALF unlocks the distorted bones of the skull, corrects the shape of the dental arches, and creates room to realign the teeth without having to extract teeth. These corrections have produced unexpected improvement in body balance and alignment. As treatment progresses, patients have stated that they finally feel comfortable in their physical body. .

Before Ortho.After Ortho

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