Here Are 4 Things a Digital X-Ray Can Reveal to Your Orthodontist!

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You probably are familiar with the digital x-ray at the dentist’s office. The reason being is that this x-ray is very unpleasant to take. It usually requires clenching your teeth down and holding onto a sensor in your mouth. The sensor also needs to be maneuvered a few different ways to get all of the angles, adding in more discomfort. Despite the horrible feeling of taking your digital x-rays, the process is a necessity. Without these x-rays, dentists would not be able to get a full picture of your oral health. Next time you think about skipping the x-ray portion of the appointment, think about this article; and all the reasons why suffering for those uncomfortable 5 minutes is worth it. Our team at Single Visit Dentistry in Pompano Beach, Florida, breaks down all the things one digital x-ray session can reveal about your teeth.

  • Cavities

Cavities are discovered in a few ways, with one of the most effective methods being through an x-ray. While examining your teeth and cleaning them, your dental hygienist may pick up on a cavity, but this usually happens when it has begun to develop. Those smaller, hard to see corroding teeth take the power of an x-ray to find. You may be thinking that if it’s still tooth decay, why does it matter how far along it is. But, it matters in the treatment process. Like anything else health-related, catching a cavity earlier is always better for you. Just think about what happens when they go unnoticed; they become severely infected and require a root canal. And if you have never had a root canal before, trust us, you want it to stay that way.

  • Teeth Infections

We aren’t finished with the topic of root canals just yet. Something else a dental x-ray can expose to the dentist is any infections in your teeth or gums. The thing about teeth infection is that they are secretive. Sometimes a dentist can spot it from a mile away, while other times, they hide inconspicuously and require an x-ray to see. Even if the infection has not developed to a severe extent, your dentist can see the warning signs and plan out a course of treatment. Again, the earlier this infection is spotted, the better off you are going to be. You may still need a root canal done; however, the process won’t be as aggressive if you catch the infection earlier.

  • Wisdom Teeth

People commonly associate wisdom teeth with those around high school-aged. There are many adults with wisdom teeth, though. Some people don’t even get their wisdom teeth out until close to 30. It all just depends on how they grow in and at what speed. The key is having x-rays done regularly, so you know the status of your wisdom teeth. While everyone should stay on top of them, those who had braces should be extra careful with it. We say this because sometimes these teeth grow in at an angle, which is a big reason people get them removed. When they grow in like this, they shift your teeth. Teeth that may have become straightened by braces may not look straight once your wisdom teeth push them over. The only way to know what is going on is to get the x-rays done. If your dentist picks up on something funky, they can recommend you to an oral surgeon so you can prevent any problems from occurring.

  • Jaw

You may have thought that the sensor only detected your teeth, but it also shows your jaw. While the teeth are the main focus here, the x-rays can show the dentist any problems you may have with your jaw. Some of the more common issues are TMJ, otherwise known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and teeth grinding. These issues may not be as severe as some of the other oral conditions, but they are still vital for check-ups to ensure a healthy and functioning mouth. 

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Whether you think your mouth is healthy or not, getting regular digital x-rays at the dentist is the only way to ensure your oral health is up to par. We know how unpleasant the x-rays can be, but they are a lot more bearable than having to deal with severe oral problems that have gone undetected. To get more information about the digital x-ray, check out our Services page!

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