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What is CADCAM Dentistry?

Single Visit Dentistry provides a unique mix of services that are performed in a single visit rather then the multiple visits that were previously required..

Our PREMIER CEREC CAD/CAM computer technology has revolutionized the filling or crown experience. Patients can participate in the artistry of custom
characterizing their own restorations.

The present office experience of the normally anxious dental patient has improved their tolerance and acceptance for many procedures. Visits are no longer a stressful experience. A long standing patient who had endured many crown procedures stated, "This was the most pleasant experience I have ever had".

Procedures are completed quickly, efficiently, and effectively. We also employed other advanced technologies such as digital x-rays computerized diagnostic equipment for bite discrepancies, jaw imbalances, muscle associated
headaches and facial pain.

In a world of indifference and disregard for customers, Our office goal is to create a dental experience that exceeds your expectations!


What does CADCAM mean?

  • CAD is short for Computer Assisted Design
  • We capture a picture of a tooth that is prepared for a filling or crown and the computer and I
  • custom design a restoration for you , our patient, while youwatch.
  • CAM is short for Computer Assisted Manufacture
  • The designed restoration is sent wirelessly to a milling machine which creates the
  • restoration from a hard industrially made Porcelain block which is then inserted on your tooth
  • with a space age adhesive cement.

What are the BENEFITS for you?

  • One visit not two weeks for a crown
  • Less traumatic visit
  • No second visit
  • Blu-Ray photo not an impression
  • No two week temporary
  • Porcelain not composite
  • Cuts out 60 possible areas of discrepency
  • More resistnant to wear
  • Better bite support
  • Fly to China or India the next day
  • Less time away from work
  • No remake delay
  • Better color match
  • Customized to your demands
  • Strenghtens the tooth
  • Best Crowns I have ever placed
  • Best tooth margin fit
  • Decrease decay at tooth margin

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