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When Dr Delz started his dental practice as a Cosmetic Restorative dentist, It became quite obvious thaat to create a beatiful smile, orthodontic realignment of a patients teeth would be required . Beatiful cosmetic crowns could brighten a smile, but a bright misaligned smile was not what the patient envisioned.

That fact started Dr. Delz's quest for training in orthodontics. Now as a Senior Certified Instructor in the International Association for Orthodontics, Dr Delz provides orthopedic realgnment of the bones of the face with ALF orthopedic functional appliances and the most modern bracket systems availible.. These bracket systems are self ligating (no ugly elastics) and utilize very light forces, making them well tolerated by patients.








Orthodontics involves the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of structural problems involving the jaws and malocclusion commonly known as bad bites. Orthodontic problems can affect your dental and general health as well as your personal appearance.

Every patient wants to have an attractive smile. When you smile with confidence, you look your best and feel good about yourself. Straight teeth and a broad smile are very important to a person's positive self- image. Everyone wants straight white teeth. We always recommend that patient's get their teeth whitened after they are straightened with braces. As your teeth, jaws and lips become properly aligned through orthodontic therapy, your self-image can improve. This is just one of the many benefits.

If the teeth are out of position, they are more difficult to clean, increasing the risk of tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. If chewing is difficult, people may not eat the foods needed for good nutrition. If your bite is poor, extra strain may be placed on the chewing muscles, possibly causing pain and problems with your jaw joint. Some of the symptoms of jaw joint problems include headaches, neck aches, ringing in the ears, dizziness, fainting, pain behind the eyes and difficulty swallowing.

Orthodontic treatment can be beneficial at any age and approximately 25% of today's orthodontic patients are adults. Teeth can be moved at any age and therefore more adults are proceeding with orthodontic treatment today in an effort to achieve straight teeth, a beautiful smile and healthy jaw joints. Many adults today prefer the clear or gold braces, which are more esthetically pleasing than the standard metal braces.

No two smiles are alike, and therefore no two orthodontic treatment programs are either. Typically, active treatment times range from one to two years and vary with the degree of tooth movement and the severity of the problem

You are never too old to improve your smile. We also have options for invisible braces with clear plastic trays that are worn in cases with minor crowding. If you have crooked teeth or you don't like your smile, come in for a consultation appointment to see what treatment options are possible.

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