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Our Office Technology

At Delz Dentistry, we utilize the latest technology to ensure the highest caliber of dental care for our patients and are always looking for new ways to make your visit more efficient and educational.

Through the use of a state of the art digital radiology system, our staff can take digital images of your teeth that appear on a computer screen in just seconds (Figure A). The system increases the doctor's diagnostic ability while decreasing the radiation exposure by 90 percent. We are able to take you inside the tooth and show you first hand any problems that you may have. Our digital radiology system has proven itself to be an invaluable tool when it comes to patient education


Do you remember tap tap tapping on carbon paper? Dr. Delz utilizes a new digital bite device (figure b) that records a movie of a patient's biting force and timing of each tooth contact. The results are shown in an easy to understand color coded image (figure C) that allows instant diagnosis of an unbalanced bite.

Dr Delz also utilizes a new digital TMJ vibration analysis device that records the results of destructive jaw joint movements and uses electromyography to reveal irregular facial muscle movements that cause the pain and headaches associated with joint problems.


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