Safe-Snore TM

Safe-Snore TM

Safe Snore Lighthouse Point, FL | Sleep Apnea | Safe-Snore

Do You Snore or Grind?

The Safe-snore Stop Snoring Device

  • Is Custom Made For Each Individual
  • It Rests In The Upper Jaw During Sleep Only
  • The Device Is Activated By The Swallow-breathe Reflex

“This is amazing– opened up my breathing so much that I got a little light headed. It is comfortable, little, and light. No pain while wearing it. IT IS EASY to put in”.

“I had tried the CPAP machine and other mouthpieces and none of them worked for me! This custom created device gave me peace of mind, knowing that I now can “get enough sleep”.

The Single Visit Dentistry Difference

Less Time, Less Anxiety, Less Trauma & Better Restorations

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