Understanding the Basics of a CT Scan Bite Analysis

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If we go back in history, it may be surprising to learn that our medical technological advancements have been improved greatly over the years. Paper used to be a dentist’s only tool to evaluate, but now, there are more options available. The cohesiveness of the upper and lower teeth often needs evaluation, simply because of how drastically different they can be. This calls for a CT Scan Bite Analysis, which studies the relationship between the two rows of teeth. The professionals at Single Visit Dentistry will paint a clear and vivid picture of what a CT Scan Bite Analysis is and what you can expect if you are ever in need of one.  

What is a CT Scan Bite Analysis?  

Now that we understand the basics of what a CT Scan Bite Analysis is used for, let’s dive in a little deeper. Any dental scan captures a 3-D render of your mouth. The images show your teeth, naturally, but they also reveal your tissues, nerve pathways, and bone. Being able to see all of these elements working together is incredibly useful for medical professionals simply because they’re able to work with the full picture as opposed to bits and pieces. A CT scan can show users diagnoses, TMJ disorder, and more. Additionally, they show where a patient may need an implant or even an implant replacement.  

What are the Advantages of a CT Scan Bite Analysis? 

As mentioned, newer technology comes with many new benefits. Some of the most notable are that it is a low-radiation option. In prior machines, the radiation levels were quite high and dangerous for those who seemed to need scans all the time. This option, however, is a simple revolving X-ray machine that works within a matter of seconds. For a CT Scan Bite Analysis, the machinery measures the relationship between the upper and lower teeth. It records the measurements and statistics, keeping them safe over time. Then, when patients are ready to measure any possible movements, they’ll have the best technology available to assist.  

There are many reasons that a person would want to make sure they have the perfect bite. First, it extends time where patients will not need dental procedures, surgeries, or repairs. It reduces further complications and decreases pain or stain on the lower jaw joints. It helps to balance facial muscles, and it reduces wear and tear on the teeth and the tissues. If you’re interested in having a CT Scan Bite Analysis, call Single Visit Dentistry today at 954-782-9111 or visit our website at www.singlevisitdentistry.com. We’re here to help set your dental needs straight, so that you can enjoy a healthy and happy smile for a lifetime. We look forward to serving you. Call us today for a CT Scan Bite Analysis or for all your dentistry needs. 

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