What is Cerec CadCam?

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When people hear the term Cerec CadCam, they’re usually unsure of what this means or what it entails. Is it a program? Is it a procedure? Maybe it’s a test? Nobody really knows until it’s properly explained.  

First, let’s formulate an overview. A Cerec Cadcam is used when you have an issue with your teeth, and you want to avoid numerous visits. In the past, some individuals would have had to make many visits. Now, with programs such as Cerec CadCam, patients can save time and receive more accurate results. The advanced technology offered within this program can aid medical experts in restoring teeth and creating a smile that patients will love for years to come.  

The Details of Cerec CadCam 

Now that we understand the basics, let’s get into the details. Cerec is short for Chairside Economical Restoration of Aesthetic Ceramics. As you can see, it makes sense that it would need an abbreviation. This design or computer technology works to generate a filling in only moments. It will fit perfectly, and you’ll be on your way to your daily life in no time! Whether you need an inlay or a crown, you can save yourself from multiple trips simply by using this program. While the process generally still takes about two visits, it’s less than the traditional timing.  

Now, you’re probably wondering how it works. First, the dentist will clean the tooth to make a mold. They then place a temporary option onto the tooth. This temporary crown or inlay won’t last for long, but it will need to stay on for a few weeks while the permanent version is being fabricated. When the fabrication is ready, it’s time to come in for another checkup and have the permanent one fitted. What makes Cerec CadCam different is that it creates the permanent piece right there and then! Instead of using a temporary cap for weeks and dreading needing another appointment, you can save time and energy by only making one or two trips!  

Cerec CadCam also uses solid materials as opposed to compressed materials. Both are made of ceramic, but the traditional option also uses metals. Most people wonder how long these Cerec crowns last. They’re built with strength and durability, making them long lasting options for any individual. Lastly, they’re very similar to the color of your natural teeth, making it unnoticeable to any outsider.  

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