What is Safe-Snore and How Does it Help Sleep Apnea in Lighthouse Point?

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If you suffer from sleep apnea in Lighthouse Point, you’re not alone. Thousands of people in America suffer from the condition. In order to understand what sleep apnea is, and how technology such as Safe-Snore can help, we’ll need to dig into the statistics and facts. First, snoring happens when the tissues in the throat relax, which then narrows the air passageway. When breathing, these tissues reverberate, which can cause the sound of snoring. In this article, the experts at Single Visit Dentistry will explain how sleep gear can help with sleep apnea, as well as severe cases of snoring. Keep reading to learn more! 

Safe-Snore Aids with Preventing Sleep Apnea in Lighthouse Point 

Safe-Snore is a type of mouthpiece that moves the lower jaw forward during rest, which then creates an open-air passageway at all times. This open airway gives users an opportunity to fully breathe, and it reduces the vibration of the tissues. Not only is this highly beneficial for those resting next to you, but it’s also a great way to recultivate a relationship with your sleep. Now that we know what Safe-Snore does, let’s dive into the benefits. 

  1. Better Sleep with Safe-Snore 

What happens to most people with sleep apnea is that they are woken up in the middle of the night unable to breathe. They seemingly choke on air, or can’t catch their breath, and they awake in an often-alarmed panic. This is scary for the people with sleep apnea, as much as it is for those sleeping in the same bed or the same room. With Safe-Snore, the passage for fresh air can be undisturbed, leading to a better night of sleep for everyone. 

  1. Better Moods 

What many people don’t know is that people with sleep apnea often struggle with mood-imbalances. The reason being is that sleeping a fantastic, eight hours will put anyone in a great mood upon waking. However, if they’ve struggled with alarming wake-ups due to the lack of breath multiple times in the night, it’s tough to get the necessary hours. Additionally, partners of those with sleep apnea can lightly kick, jostle, or move the person snoring, as it ruins their rest as well. When you use Sleep-Snore, you’re giving both yourself and your loved ones a happier, more stable state of mind.

  1. Avoid Detrimental Diseases

Did you know that sleep apnea is linked to a few of the deadliest diseases in the United States? For example, people with the condition are at a higher risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, and more. Weight gain is another effect of sleep apnea, and unfortunately, it can only make the condition worse by placing extra pressure on the airways. 

  1. Reduce Stress

Last, but not least, treating sleep apnea will help reduce significant amounts of stress. As Americans,  the culture in which we live is very stress-induced, as we tend to hurry from one place to the other. When pairing this type of lifestyle with sleep apnea, you’re impacting your ability to handle stress, which can affect your relationships to family, your body, your health, and yourself. By working to treat sleep apnea, you’re taking a step in the right direction. 

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